Presenting at madrid fusion manilla 

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Nurdin was invited to be a speaker in the inaugural Madrid Fusion Manila 2016. His presentation was dedicated to seasonal ingredients to create nutritious dishes. He visited local fish suppliers and farmers in the Philippines to find the freshest ingredients to showcase.

“It is such a great honour taking part in this event being such a young restaurant” said Nurdin when starting his presentation. The title of his talk was Nutrition and Gastronomy, telling the story of how he opened restaurant NUR in Hong Kong as well as cooking two dishes on stage, using local sustainable yellowfin tuna and brassica seeds to make the dish.

The yellowfin tuna is from Blueyou, an aquaculture improvement program in the Philippines, which focuses on artisan small-scale fishing. The brassica seeds are from Malipayon Farms, a local organic and biodynamic farm in Silang. It is run by Gejo Jimenez, who has a background in gardening and is a well-known name in the chef community in Manila. Though a small scale producer, they are a role model for future growers around the city.

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